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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your business found in the Organic search listings on a Search Engine. You don’t pay for clicks here, they’re free.

SEO is really about satisfying an algorithm. You’re looking to outperform your competition in order to gain more targeted traffic and drive more leads and sales from your online presence. Once you nail optimising your website for the user, search engines such as Google will show your site in the organic listings prominently.

When SEO is implemented correctly it can really add value for your business. Most of our leads come through page 1 of Google organically. People just like you find us naturally and our prominent ranking instills confidence. If we can do it for ourselves, let’s take a look at your industry?



Our SEO is Targeted & Trackable

Our SEO work is targeted to your product or services and your physical location. Today, your geographic location matters and impacts on your visibility for keyword search queries organically. By focusing on relevant traffic that has an interest in your product or service, VROOM Digital attain higher conversion rates and this in turn leads to increased leads and sales for your business.

SEO is a medium to long term investment in your online presence. And different industries take different timeframes to get results however the rewards can be huge.

We don’t get to work with every business that enquires, but why not say “Hey” and fill out the Contact form above? You’ve everything to gain.

Vroom Digital started working with us in August of 2012. It was my first time having some work done in terms of SEO on We’ve had the site for years but had not concentrated on using it as a sales tool in the past.

I must say the team know their stuff. As a Management Accountant by trade I look at numbers closely and Vroom’s monthly email report provides me with what I need.

Google “Accountants Dublin” and see how our practice ranks today.

Vroom have delivered on their proposal and I’m happy to recommend them for both SEO and Adwords management. Keep up the work lads!

- Colum Whelan – Guardian Management Accounting - View All


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