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An online user is interested in your products or services and has landed on your website. Congratulations – your digital marketing efforts have proved to be a success! Unfortunately however, this user has been distracted and leaves your site prematurely without purchasing your products or inquiring about your services. Does this sound familiar?

Help is at hand with Facebook Custom Audiences.

With Custom Audiences from Facebook, Facebook gives you a way to re-engage people who have previously visited your site so you can reach them with a Facebook ad and bring them back.



  • Facebook provides you with a pixel that VROOM places on your website
  • This pixel gathers anonymous data on your website visitors and reports on what website pages were viewed back to Facebook
  • With this information, Facebook can build your Facebook custom audience
  • You can now reach these prospective customers with Facebook ads!

This is a great way to re-engage people who have already shown an interest in your business. Facebook also allows you to reach specific groups within your audience like people who visited a certain page or added an item to a cart but didn’t make a purchase.


Lookalike Audiences is like remarketing on steroids. Facebook allows you the ability to create an audience who are similar to your website visitors and likely to be interested in your business. This provides an incredibly efficient way to scale your advertising reach and achieve your business goals.


The fact is that 98% of people who land on your website will never come back to your website. (Source: HubSpot) Competition online is fierce and without a strategy to re-engage those potential customers you are losing money.

By providing you with the opportunity to re-engage those customers who have already expressed an interest in your business, you are going to drive phone calls and increase return on investment on your marketing efforts.


We don’t get to work with every business that enquires, but why not say “Hey”, and fill out the Contact Form above? You’ve everything to gain.


In 2013 we engaged with Vroom Digital for advice and work on SEO whilst building our new website www.Sundayworld.com. It was imperative that we got things right and we chose Vroom Digital because of their reputation in the Irish Market and their attention to detail.

I’m very happy with the results achieved since we relaunced.

Their SEO advice has helped us gain more traffic online and I’m happy to recommend them as a knowledgeable SEO Agency.

- Ciaran Dunne – The Sunday World - View All


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